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ZD 500R

Drukarka RFID drukująca wszystkie kody 1D i 2D posiadająca moduł UHF EPC Gen2 869 MHz.

Wymiary: 298 mm x 261 mm x 543 mm
Waga: 13.5 kg
Rozdzielczość druku: 203 dpi (8 pkt/mm),
300 dpi (12 pkt/mm),
406 dpi (16pkt/mm)
Maksymalna szerokość druku: 105,7 mm
Interfejsy: Port równoległy Centronics (opcja)
USB 2.0
LAN 10/100 Mbit
RS232 C (opcja)
Temperatura pracy: 5° C do 40° C
Drukowane kody kreskowe: Kody 1D:
wszystkie standardowe kody jednowymiarowe

Kody 2D:
wszystkie standardowe kody dwuwymiarowe
Dostępne opcje: Obcinak etykiet (gilotyna)
Moduł RFiD
do 1GB pamięci na kartę CompactFlash
TT203DPI, Universal Firmware [2], Ethernet, 32/16M, Paper Hanger
TT203DPI, Universal Firmware [2], Ethernet, 32/16M, Paper Hanger, Self Strip + Label Taken Sensor + Peel-Off
TT300DPI, Universal Firmware [2], Ethernet, 32/16M, Paper Hanger
TT203DPI, Universal Firmware [2], Ethernet, 32/16M, Paper Hanger, Self Strip + Label Taken Sensor + Peel-Off, Real Time Clock
  • real time clock
  • pamięci flash, SDRAM, SIMM, Compact Flash
  • alfanumeryczna klawiatura
  • czujnik stanu etykiet
  • obcinak

MGN is a company that combines years of experience in manufacturing supplies such as labels and thermal transfer ribbons, and great knowledge in the area of automatic identification. Our employees have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Auto-ID , RFID and Thermal-transfer (TTR) printers. We also provide proffesional service of these devices.We want to show You new level of complete care, from the start of new project till it's delivery and further improvements. Our goal is to be the best at what we do.



We produce almost every kind of label – self-adhesive materials and tag, thermal-transfer labels, thermal labels, paper and cardboard tags and synthetic, full-color labels, sealing labels, special labels (shockwatch impact indicator, temperature indicator, tilt indicator and other). Send us Your own project or outsource it to our graphic desingers. We offer TOP-QUALITY materials and solutions. Our experiences team will select suitable material for Your needs. We also produce thermal-transfer ribbons (TTR) suitable for print on all kinds of materials (paper, foils PE, PP, PET, PVC).


A broad assortment of highest quality auto ID equipment: thermal transfer and direct thermal printers, mobile payment terminals, 1D/2D bar code scanners, Label application systems, rewinders, unwinders, RFID, Wi-Fi etc. We collaborate with companies such as Zebra, Intermec, Motorola, Datalogic, Honeywell, Sato, Toshiba, Xplore technologies and much more. Tell us what device You need and we will get it for You.


Our certified technical service staff will fix everything on-site, at clients’ premises. They provide replacement equipment and fast and apt diagnosis of the malfuntion. They distribute and repair devices of well-known and valued brands of the sector. MGN service organizes trainings in handling terminals, scanners, and printers.

For more information please contact us: