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The production of labels is our passion, and the individual approach to customers and readiness to act make us constantly grow.

We work with leaders in their industries as well as young companies with whom we willingly share our experience. Every day we try to optimize solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients. We produce colored labels for branding projects, labels for further printing, as well as labels with special properties.

You have an idea? Tell us about your vision and we will tell you HOW to implement it.


The offer of colored labels is addressed to all industries, both smaller and larger businesses. We print in flexographic technology, in accordance with the ISO Coated v2 (Fogra 39) standard. We have our own photopolymer exposure room (CTP), producing printing forms previously prepared by an experienced team withing our DTP department. 

We have our own graphic studio, where experts in the field of image communication do their miracles. Our graphic designers create labels, deliberately creating the brand personality of a given product.

The creation of a label is a truly fascinating process. Get to know it better

The creation of a label is a truly fascinating process. Get to know it better

Our motto is: sky is the limit! We love challenges and we are happy to take them. Colored labels offer almost unlimited possibilities for building the visual identity of the product. They are a hallmark and a way to communicate with the consumer through the appropriate use of associations with colors, shapes or themes.

We make sure that the label says what the consumer expects of the product. We believe that a label is responsible for the first impression of a potential buyer, and its role is not limited to providing information. It is a distinguishing factor, an advertisement and a promise.

The first impression cannot be remade, so quality and reliability are our top priorities.

Our Capabilities.

  • Flexographic printing up to 10 printing stations
  • Print on the adhesive side
  • Peel off, 3 sides of printing in one label
  • Printing on the base,
  • Refinement with cold stamping: metallic and holographic films
  • Securing the print with varnish or laminate

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